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Certified IT Scrum Developer (CITSD)

Exam Code: CITSD

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About Exam Course

CITSD – Certified Information Technology Scrum Developer is the one who actually develops software following Agile framework. He/She is basically a programmer with hands on experience on programming and understands the business logic.

Target Audience

Software professionals with core technical background and having strong knowledge in developing software applications can opt for CITSD certification. Eg:

  • Software Developers
  • Team Leads
  • Tech Leads

Register for Exam

CITSD - Certified IT Scrum Developer – USD 119

Course Contents

1. Introduction of Agile

    1.1 Why Agile
    1.2 Agile Manifesto
    1.3 Agile Principles and Values

2. Agile Methodology

    2.1 XP
    2.2 Kanban
    2.3 Lean
    2.4 DSDM

3. Scrum Framework

    3.1 Scrum Roles
    3.2 Scrum Ceremonies
    3.3 Scrum Artifacts

4. Estimation and Planning

    4.1 User story writing
    4.2 Estimation Techniques

5. Behavior Driven Development

    5.1 Why
    5.2 what
    5.3 How

6. Design and Architecture

    6.1 Planning Agile Software Development
    6.2 Agile Architecture and Design
    6.3 SOLID design Principles
    6.4 Test Driven Development
    6.5 Mocking
    6.6 Refactoring, Patterns and Anti-Patterns
    6.7 When and how to Refactor
    6.8 Collaboration and Pair Programming
    6.9 Continuous Integration
    6.10 How to use TDD with Continuous Integration

CITSD Certificate


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Our Happy Participants Say it All

  • Providing much needed clarity on topic with practical Case Studies.

    -T Shekar
  • Coepd seems to be the topmost & qualitative institute in Hyderabad.

    - Kiran
  • Faculty is highly knowledgable about the current IT industry.

    - Rakesh A
  • The best BA Training Institute that I have ever come across and strongly recommend my friends to COEPD.

    - Vikrant

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